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Spandrel Interactive is a software development company that leverages leading-edge innovation

At Spandrel Interactive we use game design experience to build advanced virtual training simulations, products, sales experiences, and other interactive experiences for a wide variety of clients.


A spandrel is the arching space between straight and square elements.

Spandrels can be other shapes but is often a roughly triangular space, creating the arch on a rectangular frame, such as doors, gates, and bridges. Even though they are not usually structural elements, they are an opportunity to be creative, a space in which a boring rectangular corner can be transformed into a fascinating adornment.


Looking at ridgid workflows we see a blank canvas in every corner

At Spandrel when looking at problems or given solutions we see better, more efficient paths for more effective and attention-grabbing results.

Together we can go beyond


We Apply User-Centric design

Our approach begins with understanding who our users are and what they need. Through research, testing, and analytics, we ensure that the end product is not just functional and beautiful, but also deeply aligned with user goals.


We bridge the straight and square gaps in interactive projects

Our team focuses on innovative development and fascinating design, enhancing conventional approaches by leveraging the combination of technology and games.


We are the upward arc, we are the bridge to innovation, we are the flourish for the bland and the archaic. and by we, I mean you.

Spandrel Interactive is here to support your projects, your innovative ideas, your vision - without the expense and risk of hiring a gig developer, or spinning up your own team. Spandrel Interactive is here to support you and bridge the gap.


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