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We apply game design innovation
to develop enhanced digital products.

Spandrel Interactive leverages leading-edge technology and game design experience to build innovative solutions tailored to your needs.


Combining your goals with our multi-platform experience in interactive media, we facilitate the production of your vision through design and development collaboration and support.


We provide Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality development to facilitate your immersive and engaging experiences, enhancing training, sales demonstrations, collaboration, knowledge transfer, simulation, and entertainment. We develop and design experiential and contextually enhanced Prototype, MVP, and Release versions on a variety of XR hardware.

Mobile VR/MR
Web AR

We bridge to your users online by targeting mobile and web platforms with high levels of performance and optimized UI/UX, making the user experience more enjoyable and increasing retention and engagement for web-based applications and platforms.

Console AR

We span platforms by offering full power solutions focused on PC and game consoles, reaching a wide variety of audiences with advanced applications and memorable experiences.


Clients & Partners



Spandrel Interctive Project Lift

"[Spandrel Interactive] is focussed on helping tell the user experience story you are trying to tell with an eye on timeline, tasks and the budget."

Jake Arsenault
The Black Arcs

"I can't say thank you enough to Spandrel Interactive! My project was not only delivered on time, but even surpassed my own high expectations. The quality, speed, and professionalism of their work has placed the NBCCSA as a leader and innovator in safety training.  Can't wait to continue together what we started!"

Denise Paradis
Executive Director
New Brunswick Continuing Care Safety Association

"The best part about working with Spandrel has been the seamless knowledge sharing. With their detailed feedback, and meticulous understanding of the immersive industry and its future, Jeff’s team has had a great impact in the continuous learning process of Beatnik’s AR/VR team. I highly recommend Spandrel for any work related to immersive technology, and look forward to continuing working on exciting projects together for years to come."

Numayer Shuvo
CEO and Principal Consultant
Beatnik Digital Services Canada

"Working with Spandrel has been seamless. Extremely reliable, with deliverables on scope and on schedule! Jeff is very engaged and easy to work with. We look forward to a continued partnership!"

Cassandra Folkins, MAHSR, BA
Research and Project Coordinator
The NB Association of Nursing Homes